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Cambridge Takes on the Czech Open

The Cambridge Floorball Clubs men's senior team will be travelling to Czechia, this August to compete in the Czech Open 2023.

Cambridge will be the first all Canadian team to compete in the upcoming Czech Open tournament, and are looking to make waves in the world floorball scene. Wanting to prove that Canada is a country that can produce strong floorball programs, club president, Tyler Brush is looking forward to the tournament, and the development opportunities for younger players on the team.

“The Czech floorball scene has proven to be one of the most elite floorball countries in the world in recent years. Seeing the sport being played at a high level on an international stage will definitely help encourage our younger players to continue to improve and the grow the sport locally in Cambridge. ” (Tyler Brush, Club President)

Cambridge will open the tournament August 10, playing in the Open division, with roughly 128 other teams vying to be crowned champions.


Prior to the tournament, Cambridge FC will be joining Florbal Chomutov for a training camp. Hoping to gain some expertise from the Division 1 club. In playing friendly games against and training with that will hopefully prove to be a valuable asset moving into the heart of the tournament this August.

Both Cambridge and Chomutov have been nothing but excited about the opportunity of travelling to Czechia for the tournament as well as a training camp with Chomutov. This opportunity allows for partnerships to begin, and hopefully see growth from both the Chomutov team and Cambridge men's senior team.

"From the first moment I was excited about this idea/ We will do everything to make Cambridge Floorball Club in Chomutov happy"(Martin Bocian, Chomutov President)

Chomutov currently plays in the second highest division in the Czech, having players from all over the region competing on a weekly basis and training on a daily basis. Cambridge FC has ties with the club, with club president Tyler Brush just recently returning from a year lone with the team. His time there proved vital in the continual growth of the Cambridge club, and being able to take his home town team to compete against and train with his home away from home team, is a dream come true.

“The Chomutov community has a special place in my heart. They welcomed me with open arms and my time there was noting short of amazing. Im really excited to show the guys from Cambridge the Chomutov floorball scene, and have them learn lost from the Chomutov players, just as I did last season. ” (Tyler Brush, Club President)

Chomutov President Martin Bocian is looking forward to hosting the team, as they prepare for the upcoming tournament. Hoping to provide some floorball wisdom and well wishes as the club provides floor time and pre tournament matches as vital prep for the tournament.

“I Think [Cambridge coming to Chomutov] is a great sporting and human experience. We can share sports experiences with each other, improve our language skills and, last but not least, compare our strengths on the field. I think it's going to be a great few days". (Martin Bocian, Chomutov President)


The men's senior team will be boasting a roster that has some serious floorball experience backing their push for a deep tournament run. With many world championships and European experience, Cambridge FC will be looking to make waves, and show the floorball world that Cambridge is here to stay.

In addition, the team roster will be coached by Simon Roethlisberger, having international coaching experience, Simon will be looking to guide the all Canadian squad to a deep tournament run. This while also providing a calm, strong presence on the bench during games.

The player roster will consists of the following players.

Forward - Carter Cooke

Forward - Daniel Turco*

Forward - Michael Turco

Forward - Nic Lidstone

Forward - Tate Garside*

Forward - Timothy Garside*

Forward - Tyler Hatherall*

Forward - Elly Peters*

Defender - Isaac Kashino

Defender - Mytchell Brush*

Defender - Tyler Brush**

Defender - Zac Rendell

Goalie - Kale Smith

Goalie - Macy Peters*

(*= a player has international floorball experience at an IFF event)

(**= a player has international club experience)


If you want to follow along as the team prepares for the upcoming tournament, you can follow along on the Cambridge Floorball Club's social media platforms. Youtube to Instagram and everything in between >>>> CFC Social's

If you are wanting to be apart of the teams journey, you can contact our board of directors in how you can financially support, and sponsor the team as they get set to leave this summer. You can contact us by emailing -

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