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Top Four Stories of 2022

The best of the 2022 year for Cambridge Floorball Club

#1: The Return to the Court

After 2 years of lockdowns, and uncertainty to when we would return to play, we were able to return to the game we love!

Returning for the winter 2021 season, the club was able to see 5 teams through our adult recreational league, and the continuation growth of our Tuesday night's practices for our men's division one team.

Looking to continue to grow throughout 2023, Cambridge FC is happy to announce the continuation of our adult recreational program for both men and women's and the addition of children leagues/nights coming to the court very soon. Stay tuned for more information on this.

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#2: The Return of the 3on3 Tournament

After the Covid-19 pandemic caused the cancelation of two different 3on3 tournaments, we were able to return to the court in 2022 in one of the best tournament's yet.

Seeing the largest crowd of spectators, that we have ever had, everyone was very eager and excited to have the return of our famous end of summer classic!

"Seeing everyone after a few years off was really fun. You never knew how much you missed them until you saw them walk through the doors and we started chatting. As a club we really are looking forward to tournaments to come" (Tyler Brush, Club President).

Through 3 different divisions people were able to return to the court, and have fun doing so. Seeing both new and old players coming to the tournament. It will again return to the court in August 2023, stay tuned for more information about the upcoming tournament.

#3: The Announcement of Board Members

Cambridge FC was able to appoint 4 individuals to positions on the board of directors for the club, to help set up the club for future success. Seeing Tyler Brush gain the appointment of President, Operations, Simon Roethlisberger gain appointment of Sectary, Operations. In addition to Tim Garside gaining appointment of the Director of Finances, and Mytchell Brush gaining appointment of the position of Communications Director.

Each member of the board brings experience through their specific fields, as well as experience on both the local and world stage of the game of floorball. Each one brining their expertise to the club to help grow the game throughout the Kitchener-Waterloo region, and moving the clubs to heights it has yet to see before.

To learn more about our board of directors you can visit our "About Our Club" section of our website.

#4: Oxdog Open Coming to Ontario

COMING to Guelph IN 2023!

The Oxdog Open will the be first tournament of its kind within Ontario. Aiming at being the premium tournament within Canada serving players and teams throughout North America.

In partnership with Oxdog North America, the Oxdog Open will have its inaugural tournament this May in 2023, with the aim foster the growth of floorball within the region while bringing European talent within the country.

To learn more about the Oxdog Open, and what you can expect moving forward you can follow us on social media to stay up to date, or subscribe to our e-newsletter!


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