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All you Need to Know - OXDOG OPEN 2023

Coming THIS MAY! Cambridge Floorball Club, in partnership with Oxdog North America is excited to bring high caliber floorball to Guelph, Ontario. The first annual Oxdog Open will be hosted May 26-28 at Guelph University with the goal of bringing the best sport on earth to the region and grow continuously throughout the years to come.

Wanting to know more about the divisions, where exactly it will be hosted, or how to register, below is all you need to know. So buckle up and start to gather your friends for the best tournament in North America!



Guelph University, will play host for the upcoming Oxdog Open. Their newly renovated Mitchell Athletic Centre has state of the art facilities that will allow for two different gym spaces being used.

The Main Gym, with a capacity of 1500 people will play host to both the Elite and Open and Women division primarily. Allowing for a full floorball court, the Main Gym is the perfect spot for teams to have the full floorball experience, while allowing for spectators a safe, comfortable place to watch the games of their favourite teams.

The West Gym, with a capacity of 200 people will play host to the Women, and Kids division primarily, and allow for a smaller floorball court for more quick action games. This gym, with hardwood flooring will allow for fun gameplay for all skills levels throughout the tournament divisions.

To learn more about the facilities at Guelph University you can follow along through our social media accounts as we will be posting content previewing what exactly you can expect for the upcoming tournament.



The Elite Division is intended for those players and teams that are experienced and have extensive floorball experience, this will provide the highest level of competition between the teams throughout this division.

This division also is intended for any European or any out of country teams that have extensive floorball experience and can consider themselves a top team in their native league.

The Open Division is intended for the causal floorball player, or anyone who is newer to the game.

This division, while still providing competitive gameplay, will allow those who wish to play recreationally, or are wanting to try the sport out for the first time to play against those who are of similar skill level, or attitude towards the game of floorball.

Within this division participants are needing to be 16+ in age.

The Women's Division provides a dedicated space for women to play against other women.

All other division are co-ed, but this division allows for both experienced and new players to come together and play against other women in a fun, competitive gameplay setting.

This division, much like other adult division will require players to be 16+ in age, unless special permission is received from tournament organizing committee.

Having two different kid divisions, U14 and U16 allow for both the experienced players and new players to play against each other, within a fun gameplay setting.

Having 3on3 gameplay style, this division will provide coaching to new players, and further instruction to experienced players to ensure that the game is being playing in a safe, and inclusive manner.

This division is co-ed, and allows for players who meet the age requirement to play in both divisions if desired.

To learn more about the division, and how you can register your team TODAY, visit the Oxdog Open Page on the Cambridge Floorball Website.


How to Register

Register for the OXDOG Open is OFFICIALLY OPEN!

To register its as simple at 1...2...3...

Head over to the OXDOG Open page on the Cambridge Floorball Website, and click the link to register.

Once you register you will receive a confirmation email, and then we will be in touch soon with anything more we need from you, in addition to the rules, schedule and what you can expect for the tournament.

See you all on the court in May!

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