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Oxdog Open is Back in 2024

Here is what you need to know about the upcoming 2024 tournament!

Oxdog Open 2024 - Hosted by Cambridge Floorball Club and Oxdog North America

After a very successfull first year of the Oxdog Open, we are proud to announce the return of the tournament. Coming to Univeristy of Guelph May 11-12, 2024.

If you weren't there last year you missed out on an awesome weekend of fun floorball and some pretty insane games!

Whether you are new to floorball a seasoned vet, or have been away from the game for some time, we would love to see you on the court this coming May.

The Oxdog Open has a variety of divisions that will fit anyones skill level, and age categories that will included everyone!

Registration will be opening in February of 2024! So hurry and get your team together to take advantage of the early bird pricing and we will see you on the court very very soon!

The Location

The Oxdog Open will be making the return to the court at the University of Guelph's, Mitchell Athletic Centre again for 2024.

This state of the art facility was one that created many great memories for last years tournament and is set to create many more this upcoming one.

The Main Gym (The Event Centre), with a capacity of 1500 people will play host to the Elite division primarily, with teams from the Open and Women's divisions also getting some games in this atmoshpere as well. Allowing for a full floorball court, the Event Centre is the perfect spot for teams to have the full floorball experience, while also allowing for spectators a safe, comfortable place to watch the games of their favourite teams.

The Mitchell Gym, with a capacity of 200 people will play host to the Open, Womens, and Kids division primarily. Just steps away from the Event Centre, the Mitchell gym offers a touch smaller of court, but allows for a quicker and fast pace game to take place. With being so close to the Event Centre, you will be sure to not miss any of the action througout the weekend.

The Divisions

Just as the tournament had last year there will be four divisions, to allow for everyone from all different ages and skill levels to participate. The division breakdowns are Elit, Open, Women's and Kids. Here are the details for each division.

Oxdog Open 2024 - Elite Division

The Elite Division is intended for those players and teams that are experienced and have extensive floorball experience, this will provide the highest level of competition between the teams throughout this division.

This division also is intended for any European or any out of country teams that have extensive floorball experience and can consider themselves a top team in their native league.

Oxdog Open 2024 - Open Division

The Open Division is intended for the causal floorball player, or anyone who is newer to the game.

This division, while still providing competitive gameplay, will allow those who wish to play recreationally, or are wanting to try the sport out for the first time to play against those who are of similar skill level, or attitude towards the game of floorball.

Participants are needing to be 16+ in age.

Oxdog Open 2024 - Women's Division

The Women's Division provides a dedicated space for women to play against other women.

This division allows for both experienced and new players to come together and play against other women in a fun, competitive gameplay setting.

This division, much like other adult division will require players to be 16+ in age, unless special permission is received from tournament organizing committee.

Oxdog Open 2024 - Kid's Division

The Oxdog Open will be hosting kids divisions based on needs of participants. Looking to provide a safe and fun environemnt for those under the age of 16 to learn the game throughout the weekend.

This division is co-ed and allows for everyone to come together to play against htose who are of a similar skill level and age.

For more information contact us.

Want to play in the Oxdog Open, but don't have a full team? That is A-OK, just shoot us a quick email and we will be happy to arrange a team that you can play on, or find a spot for you in any division you are wishing to play in.

Volunteer With Us!

Volunteer With US!

Are you looking to get involved but don't want to get on the court? Are you a highschool student looking to fill our the rest of your volunteer hours? Then we have the perfect solution for you!

We are looking for people to help make the Oxdog Open happening this coming year, and we need your help!

We are looking to fill a number of different positions throughout the weekend, the positions are:

  • Social Media Cooridnator

  • TimeKeepers

  • Registration Table Attendants

  • Raffle and 50/50 Ticket Attendants

For more infromation you can contact us, or fill out this FORM and we will be in touch.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Are a local small business, someone wanting to get their brand recognized within the commmunity or looking to reach a whole new customer base? Then look no further than the Oxdog Open 2024.

We have a number of different sponsorship packages that will fit any budget or business style.

Contact us today for more information!

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