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Welcome Cambridge FC Board Members!

The Cambridge Floorball Club is excited to announce the on boarding of three new board members for the upcoming number of years!

Cambridge FC has begun to look towards the future of the club, and how it can better serve its members. With that, President Tyler Brush will look towards Simon Roethlisberger, Timothy Garside and Mytchell Brush to help continue the growth and improvement of the club. President Brush stated that, "Already being able to boast being the largest floorball club in North America, Cambridge FC is looking to reach that next level, and I think the on-boarding of these three guys will really help with the advancement of the club, and better serve our members".

Simon Roethlisberger, has served at variety of levels with Floorball Canada, before joining the Cambridge FC Board. Serving as the Vice President of Operations, Simon brings a wealth of knowledge of the game, and a passion for growing the sport from the grassroots level. Simon is, "excited to see where the club can grow too in the coming years". We are excited to have Simon apart of the team and look forward to the positive impact that he can have on the club.

Timothy Garside, is a young accounting professional that has played for Floorball Canada at the U19 level, and has been a member of the Cambridge FC club's division one team for the last number of years. Serving as the Director of Funds, Timothy is looking to bring his expertise of accounting and financial management in addition to his floorball knowledge to the table to help grow the sport locally with the club. Coming into his position Tim stated that, "I knew I wanted to get involved with the club more, and this is the perfect way to continue playing and helping grow the club for the future". The club is happy to have Tim apart of the team, and are excited to have his expertise apart of the board of directors.

Mytchell Brush has, in addition to Simon served at various levels of Floorball Canada both as a member of the board and as a player. Playing on both the u19 and senior men's team Mytchell bring to the board a wealth of knowledge about the game. Being a young public relation professional, Mytchell will be serving as the Director of Communications, looking to improve and foster a community type feeling for the club's members. Mytchell states that, "floorball has been a big part of my life for the last 10+ years, and I think being apart of this board with these great guys is an amazing way to grow the sport locally, with the goal of becoming a premiere club in the world".

Tyler Brush, will continue to operate as the president of the club, also having experience playing on the men's senior national team, most recently serving at the teams captain for two world championships, Tyler also has experience playing over sees for Florbal Chomotuv in the 1st Division in Czechia. With that expertise and seeing how one of the top level teams in Europe operates, Tyler is looking forward to bring that experience to his local club to help grow for the future.

With the addition of these 4 board members Cambridge FC will be looking towards the future and continuing to grow the already largest club in North America. Be sure to stay close to all our social media accounts to stay up to date, and subscribe to our newsletter for monthly updates on all that is happening within the club.

To register for our upcoming events click HERE! To find our social media accounts click HERE!

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