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Oxdog Open Recap

Everything you missed with our first Oxdog Open - 2023!

The Oxdog Open has come and gone. The first time the tournament was organized, and the Cambridge Floorball Club board of directors are considering its resounding success!

The tournament, held at the University of Guelph's Mitchell Athletic Centre, saw 13 teams competing across three different divisions. The tournament was held May 27-28, 2023 and will look to be coming back to the U of G's campus in the coming year for the second addition of the tournament.

"Seeing so many players both new and experienced make us really confident we can continue to grow this tournament in the coming years" - Tyler Brush, Club President

"The tournament itself saw some great floorball action, and for being the first large scaled tournament back since the global pandemic, the caliber of play was superb"- Mytchell Brush, Club Communications Director

Seeing teams from all across Ontario, Canada and the United States to come and compete, this past tournament saw both new and experienced players coming together for the love of the game and to pursue the title of Oxdog Open Champions.

The three divisions some three unique winners, with each team having both new and experienced players throughout their roster. Each division also saw three unique prizes won. The Others Will Follow MVP award, the Free Hit Fair Play Award, and the Premier Goalie Award given to the top goalie for each division.

Here are all the winners, in case you missed it.

Open Division

Team Champion

Toronto United

Others Will Follow MPV

Andrew Lin

Free Hit Fair Play

Kevin Vieira

Premier Goalie

JL Prystayko

Elite Division

Team Champion

The Exports

Others Will Follow MPV

Patrick Mahoney

Free Hit Fair Play

Zac Rendell

Premier Goalie

Riley Walls

Women's Division

Team Champion

The Ladies of the Court

Others Will Follow MPV

Keana Oshowy

Free Hit Fair Play

Dana Isaacs

Premier Goalie

Macy Peters


Are you wanting to get involved with next years tournament? Send an email to and see how you can get involved with the upcoming tournament next year, or anything in the newer future!

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