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519 Floorball is CFC's Title Partner

Entering this upcoming year Cambridge FC has a new title sponsor. 519Floorball is a local floorball and fashion company that offers the latest gear to prepare you for all the upcoming events that CFC will be hosting.

Ranging from the top of the line floorball equipment to the beginner sets, 519Floorball has it all! Looking to get the lightest stick on the market? Or looking at upgrading that old, run down stick of yours? Look no further than 519Floorball! They have everything you need and more, and will be available on site each week for the Cambridge FC local league, as well as throughout each event that is hosted by the club moving forward.

519Floorball should be your next stop while shopping online, and you can get everything you need for the upcoming seasons/events. Be sure to follow the link below to their website today and get your orders in quick while quantities last.

Be sure to tag Cambridge FC and 519Floorball in all your upcoming floorball posts to be featured on either social media site!

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