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Big Announcement #2

The Cambridge Floorball family is growing, and we couldn't be anymore excited!

Welcome BioSteel to the CFC Family

BioSteel has been a premier sports drink and hydration company within the Canadian market for years. Being the proud sponsor of many different sporting events, and a company that is fearless in their quest to providing the best drinks and hydration option for athletes. BioSteel is joining up with Cambridge in an affliation sponsorship program.

This extends to not only the Oxdog Open, but to the events to come with the club, and this is only the beginning!

BioSteel is the best, sugar free healthy alternative sports drink for any athlete in your life.

Visit the BioSteel website today with our very own link - where you can get fuelled and hydrated just in time for the Oxdog Open 2024!

We can't wait to see where this partnership takes us and can't wait to see you on the court, hydrated and ready to make this years Oxdog Open the best one yet!

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