At first glance floorball resembles floor hockey or ball hockey, but when looked at closer it is quite different . Floorball is played with specialized light-weight sticks and rules to promote safety and skill throughout gameplay. In addition to that it is fast paced, which is meant to further support smooth and quick gameplay. 


    Developed in the 1970s in Sweden, floorball is most popular in countries such as Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. The sport has, however, begun to gain popularity in North America, (most notably Canada) within the past decade. 




    Players only require running shoes, a stick and a ball to play! The lightweight sticks are designed to give the player an ability to stickhandle and shoot with ease. They are non-marking and similar in style to a hockey stick with a fibre glass or carbon fibre shaft and a plastic blade. The ball used is very similar to a whiffle ball. It is 72 mm in diameter, weighs 23 grams and is made of hard plastic.  BUY A STICK




    The rules of floorball are designed to promote skill and safety. It is a non-contact sport with a mixture of rules similar to both hockey and soccer. CLICK HERE for a breakdown of the basic rules. 


    Floorball Canada is the governing body for the sport of floorball within Canada. It is a self governed body which is recognized by the government of Canada and the International Floorball Federation (IFF)

   Every year Floorball Canada sends two national teams to compete in an IFF sanctioned World Floorball Championships tournament. One senior team for both mens and women and one under 19 team for mens and women as well. Canada is making great strides within in the game playing against the worlds best.