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Tournament Overview

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

What you need to know about the Upcoming 3-On-3 Tournament!

This August 20th, the Cambridge Floorball Club will be hosting their annual 3-ON-3 Tournament. The first since the global pandemic and here are the 3 things that you need to know.

#1: Four Different Divisions

For the first time in tournament history, there will be four different divisions. There will be two co-ed adult divisions (14+) an adult women's division (14+) and two kid's divisions (U10 & U13). Here is the breakdown for each division

  1. Co-Ed Division A - for those aged 14 and older that are looking for a competitive tournament and that have previous floorball or high level hockey experience. (Register HERE)

  2. Co-Ed Division B - for new and recreational players aged 14 and older, looking to have fun and have little to no floorball experience. (Register HERE)

  3. Women's Division - Any female player 14 and older, that is looking to play with only girls, and is for those of all skills levels. New or experience players will be placed throughout a number of teams to ensure the equal and fair play of tournament games (Register HERE)

  4. Kids Division - Offering U10 and U13 for the first time ever, the Cambridge Floorball Club is wanting to bring the sport to the youth, to help grow the game. Having experience club players are coaches, each team will be split based on previous sport or floorball experience, to ensure equal and fair play. (Register HERE)

More information will be coming out on our social media pages in the coming days, so be sure to follow them HERE, to stay up to date. But as always you can reach out to our board of directors with any questions you may have HERE.

#2: CFC Memberships

Moving into the 2022/23 season, Cambridge FC is moving towards club memberships for all CFC sanctioned events. Having three different level of memberships, the breakdown of each membership is below.

Annual Membership - Having an annual membership allows for the following;

- Costs $40 per physical year

- Granted participation in any CFC sanctioned league, tournament, or event within

the physical yea

- 20% off Oxdog equipment and apparel at 519Floorball

- First priority in CFC Newsletter, and up to date club news

- One valued vote at the annual CFC General Meeting (must be in attendence)

Temporary Tournament Membership - for those looking at participating in only this one tournament, or any one specific CFC hosted tournament a tournament membership will be needed to purchase. With the purchase the person can expect the following;

- $10 fee per tournament

- Granted participation in one CFC sanctioned tournament

- 10% off Oxdog equipment and apparel at 519Floorball

- Included in the CFC Newsletter

Temporary League Membership - for those looking to participate in only a league hosted by CFC, the temporary league membership will be needed to be purchased. The following can be expected by the individual who purchases this type of membership;

- $15 per CFC League

- 15% off Oxdog equipment and apparel at 519Floorball

- Included in the CFC Newsletter

*Please note, that a league membership is only valid for CFC sanctioned leagues, and does not apply to tournaments hosted throughout the year*

For more information on membership you can contact us HERE.

#3: Where we are playing

Like in previous years, the tournament will be hosted in one of our two main gyms. Located at 175 Holiday Inn Dr. in Cambridge, ON, the tournament will be hosted on August 20, 2022. Set up as a one day tournament, more information will be released once registration is closed with a specific schedule on when each team will be playing.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone back on the court, and are excited to once again host our longest running tournament. Contact us HERE, if you have any questions or concerns.

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